Mouse Motor 1603cc 188pk (edit 194,9pk)

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Mouse Motor 1603cc 188pk (edit 194,9pk)

Postby Martijn/DVK » 12 Feb 2008, 17:48

Hij doet het, en de output is ook bekend :P

VW 1603CC by JPM of Sweden

Hi there!

Finally I got the time to put the "Mouse Motor" on the dyno and this is what I see.

POWER:138,8kW 188.7hp/7670rpm

The ignition and fuel curve is optimized, the main venturies is 37mm, main jets is 145 the air is 160 idle jets are 65f10 and the E-tubes are F7.I will go bigger with the main venturies, the first step will be 39mm, this will hopefully raise the output alittle bit more and get me closer to the calculated max power rpm(8000).I will post a video later.

Talk to you later

Hier de rest:,3257.0.html
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Postby Martijn/DVK » 13 Feb 2008, 00:10


The dyno pull is from 2500rpm to 8500rpm in fourth gear (60-190km/h or 37,5mph-118,75mph).
Today I just had to finish the "Mouse Motor" project and changed the main venturies from 37 to 39mm.
The engine responded really good with an improvement from 138,8-143,3kW or 188,7-194,9hp the torque increased from 191-195Nm (138-141lbs).
The attiude of this engine is really something, nice and smoth at idle and kicks really hard if you want it to.

There would probably be some more improvements with bigger venturies but as it is now there is no bog or hassitation between low and high circuit and as this engine is to be used on the street I prefere to have it like this.When using too big venturies you often notice a hassitation between low and high circuit even sometimes with the third progression hole modification.

The purple curve is engine power and the green curve is wheel power.

:headbang: :hello1: damn wat een motor!

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Postby Ray/FDK » 14 Feb 2008, 20:55

Amen Hurry......... AWESOME........ :twisted:

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Postby Martijn/DVK » 26 Feb 2008, 23:58

Here is the parts list.
Most of the parts are from CB performance but some from CSP in Germany, CSP in Sweden and JPM.

IDA carb kit 1099,95
Heads 043 bare pair 211,9
CB Ti valves 503,6
OTEVA 75 valve springs 185
JPM ti retainer 173
JPM rockers 1046
Push rods 49,95
Push rod tubes 167 CSP
Cam 104
Lifters 22,95
Cam gears Magnum 172 CSP
Bearings 39,85
Oil pump 27,95
Pump cover full flow 28
JE pistons 1206
Cylinder kit 165
Fuel pump block off 4,95
009 dist 109,95
Compufire 63,95
Cables 27,95
Valve covers 12,95
Clips 5,95
Gasket kit 9,95
Oil sealing flywheel 3,95
Clutch disc 29,95
Pressure plate Kennedy 180mm 179
Flywheel bolt 56
Deep sump 105
Lash caps 12,95
Pully 18,95
Pully bolt 4,95
Cyl studs 119
Header S&S 1 5/8 332
Old engine 155

Total parts 6454 USD.

Hopefully I did not forget too many parts.

The time I spent on the total build is aprox 100 hours(night hours).


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